SMJ Online Studios Sneak Peak

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while but I have been busy with the new baby and also working on creating my very own new WordPress theme.  Below is a sneak peak of the site.  I took a screen shot and then just cropped out a section so you could have a look at what I have been spending my time on.  Don’t want you to think that I have been just doing nothing.

SMJ Online Studios screen shot

Since right now I am using a site, I am unable to upload my own theme.  So, I have been looking around and I think that I am going to go with iPage for my hosting.  Looks simple to use, has very nice sign up and referral bonus, and pretty cheap hosting at $4 and change a month.  Hope you like the look of the new site and thanks for reading.


Theme Development

I have really been digging my face into this WordPress All in One book, and I am now to the theme development section.  Hopefully this is where some of the fun begins.  I really think that I would like to start making my own themes and also themes for purchase.  Sorry, if the development of the site has been slow but I have been brushing up on my php knowledge.


Image    Yesterday, I signed up for the free version of  Elance is a web site for user to post jobs that they need done with a brief description of the work they need, and the price range they think it is worth or they can spend.  Freelancers, like myself, then bid on the job, telling the poster a little about yourself and what you think that you would be able to do the for.  The poster then has a list of freelance web designers, in my case, to choose from.  In the free version that I signed up for gives you a select number of “tokens” that you can use to bid for jobs.  This way one person can go submit a bid to every posting on the site.

After signing in, I browsed through some postings, searching for postings mentioning WordPress.  I then made a bid on 3 different projects.  I did also mention to each of these posters that I was just starting and that I am by no means a professional, yet.  The jobs that I made bids on were for small things like changing some fonts, changing a little css, and a few other minor changes that I think that I should have no problem with.  I also think that I will be making a few bids a day until I get a job conformation.  Keep your fingers crossed.  It would be really cool to see some money flowing in to help get this project jump started a little.

Day 2 as a freelance web designer

Today, I went to the bookstore and looked through a number of books and made the decision that I was going to start by focusing on one medium of web design, wordpress.  I picked up wordpress all-in-one for dummies.  I have used wordpress a few times in the past and large percentage of the web projects that I have see online have using this platform.  Not to mention it is and Open Source Software, which means it is free.  SO, I will be spending the next week or so reading through this text book.  I will be getting myself re-familiar with MySQL and PHP two languages that I have played around with in the past but am no expert at.

Site Updates:  Today I also fiddled with the theme customization and coloring.  I added an About Me page, which for now contains yesterdays post, and added a portfolio page, which I will be adding to as we learn and start completing some jobs for people/businesses.  Through gmail I also set up and email account for where you are more than welcome to send me any questions, concerns, comments.  Thats if for today, off to server some italian dinner.

Thanks for reading.