oDesk.com profile    As you see with my wordpress theme just about complete, I am almost ready to go out and get my domain.  I have just one small issue, I told Anna that I would spend any money on this project.  I have had a few projects in the past that didn’t work out and I put a lot of time and effort into but also had to spend some money that ended up going to waste.  So, with that being said, I have joined oDesk along with the previously mentioned freelancer.com and Elance.com.  I do so far enjoy the layout and feel of oDesk the best of the three.  I have just finished up filling out my profile and started putting in some applications for a few jobs.  Hopefully, I will be able to raise enough money through one or all of these sites to go out and get my domain and site set up as my portfolio.  Until then I will continue to post and give up dates here.

AS we speak I just got advanced to my first interview stage of a project at oDesk.  It is between me and 2 other freelancers.  Keep you fingers crossed, could get us a third of the way to getting our domain. Will keep you updated as I am.  Thanks for reading.


Image    Yesterday, I signed up for the free version of Elance.com.  Elance is a web site for user to post jobs that they need done with a brief description of the work they need, and the price range they think it is worth or they can spend.  Freelancers, like myself, then bid on the job, telling the poster a little about yourself and what you think that you would be able to do the for.  The poster then has a list of freelance web designers, in my case, to choose from.  In the free version that I signed up for Elance.com gives you a select number of “tokens” that you can use to bid for jobs.  This way one person can go submit a bid to every posting on the site.

After signing in, I browsed through some postings, searching for postings mentioning WordPress.  I then made a bid on 3 different projects.  I did also mention to each of these posters that I was just starting and that I am by no means a professional, yet.  The jobs that I made bids on were for small things like changing some fonts, changing a little css, and a few other minor changes that I think that I should have no problem with.  I also think that I will be making a few bids a day until I get a job conformation.  Keep your fingers crossed.  It would be really cool to see some money flowing in to help get this project jump started a little.