SMJ Online Studios Sneak Peak

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while but I have been busy with the new baby and also working on creating my very own new WordPress theme.  Below is a sneak peak of the site.  I took a screen shot and then just cropped out a section so you could have a look at what I have been spending my time on.  Don’t want you to think that I have been just doing nothing.

SMJ Online Studios screen shot

Since right now I am using a site, I am unable to upload my own theme.  So, I have been looking around and I think that I am going to go with iPage for my hosting.  Looks simple to use, has very nice sign up and referral bonus, and pretty cheap hosting at $4 and change a month.  Hope you like the look of the new site and thanks for reading.


Hello World.

Thank you for checking out SMJ Online Studios.  This site will act as my online portfolio while I began my career as a web designer.  I will be using this blog to teach my readers the skills that i possess and these that I will be learning along the way.

Site currently under construction, sorry for the mess.

Thanks for reading.