SEO Tips

Here are some easy to follow SEO or Search Engine Optimization techniques that will help you increase the number of visitors to your new web site or blog.  First of all if you are using wordpress, like I am here, the code is already set with all sort of SEO tools, such as permalink editing, pinging, and 1,000s of plugins.

When writing a new post from the dashboard, not from quick post, under the title of the post is the permalink that is currently going to be assigned to your new post.  After this link there is a edit button.  When deciding on a good permalink, remember to leave out any “fluff” words(as, the, is, a, ect.), and also make sure they are relevant to the content in the post.  For example, if you are writing about the Golden State Warriors last game.  Your might have a post title like “Dubs surprising 4th quarter comeback” but you don’t want all this in the post URL.  So, you might want to edit it to something like “Warriors_Clippers_Comeback”, this having only keywords relevant to the content in the post/article.  Also don’t use the uncategorized category that wordpress gives you as a default, this gives no information to the web crawlers that search engines use.

When adding an image to your post or site you should always be filling out all informations fields that wordpress gives you.  Fill in the caption, description and don’t leave the name of the image as DC_309.jpg, this gives search engines no important information.  If you have a picture of Penelope Cruz from the movie Vanilla Sky, give a name like P_Cruz_VanillaSky.jpg.  This helps web crawlers in determining what kind of image it is looking at.  Not filling in image information is probably one of the most missed piece of SEO that blogger forget to complete.

Another way to help get your blog or site to the top of search engine ranks is to make a signature with a link to your site in it and start getting involved in forums and comment on other high ranking blogs with similar content.  These links are going to help search engines determine whether the info on you site is important enough to rank high.  You also wanna set a goal to get in the top 2 pages of search engines for the keywords related to your site, most users of search engines don’t make it passed the second page of results.  You wanna get your site with is range.  A cool tool to see how many links are out there that connect users to your site, in your google search bar type,  This will give you a list of all the links to  Pretty cool and very useful.  Go find a site that you think is popular and see how many links are out there going to that site.  Crazy how many you will see.

Also, add links in your posts to other posts of yours or to other pages on your site.  This makes search engines think they are links going to your site. They don’t know/care that they are only from one of your pages to another of your pages.  Easy quick little way to gain some links and hopefully increase your search engine rankings.

Hope this helps some of you.  Thanks for reading.