SMJ Online Studios Sneak Peak

I know I haven’t posted anything in a while but I have been busy with the new baby and also working on creating my very own new WordPress theme.  Below is a sneak peak of the site.  I took a screen shot and then just cropped out a section so you could have a look at what I have been spending my time on.  Don’t want you to think that I have been just doing nothing.

SMJ Online Studios screen shot

Since right now I am using a site, I am unable to upload my own theme.  So, I have been looking around and I think that I am going to go with iPage for my hosting.  Looks simple to use, has very nice sign up and referral bonus, and pretty cheap hosting at $4 and change a month.  Hope you like the look of the new site and thanks for reading.


Theme Development

I have really been digging my face into this WordPress All in One book, and I am now to the theme development section.  Hopefully this is where some of the fun begins.  I really think that I would like to start making my own themes and also themes for purchase.  Sorry, if the development of the site has been slow but I have been brushing up on my php knowledge.