oDesk.com profile    As you see with my wordpress theme just about complete, I am almost ready to go out and get my domain.  I have just one small issue, I told Anna that I would spend any money on this project.  I have had a few projects in the past that didn’t work out and I put a lot of time and effort into but also had to spend some money that ended up going to waste.  So, with that being said, I have joined oDesk along with the previously mentioned freelancer.com and Elance.com.  I do so far enjoy the layout and feel of oDesk the best of the three.  I have just finished up filling out my profile and started putting in some applications for a few jobs.  Hopefully, I will be able to raise enough money through one or all of these sites to go out and get my domain and site set up as my portfolio.  Until then I will continue to post and give up dates here.

AS we speak I just got advanced to my first interview stage of a project at oDesk.  It is between me and 2 other freelancers.  Keep you fingers crossed, could get us a third of the way to getting our domain. Will keep you updated as I am.  Thanks for reading.

Back to reality

Elizabeth has been home for a week now and it is time for me to get back to reality. This business is not just going tour and start itself. Today, to get the ideas flowing and my brain back on what needs to be done, I plan on playing with my logo design a little bit. Hopefully we will end up with something with a little more “pop”. I also plan to start looking for something that I enjoy the look and functionally of. I would like to design my own theme but for now I will probably find one closest to my likes and then begin coding my own.

Goals for week 1 back at work:

Redesign logo
Find WordPress theme
Find hosting site and check URL availability
Make 4-5 posts
Gain 2 blog followers
Gain 5 Facebook likes/follows

Feels good to be back. Thanks for reading.

Elizabeth Jirou Jonson

Sorry, for the dissapearing act I have made recently, but I do have an excuse. My amazing fiancé gave birth to our first child, Elizabeth Jirou Johnson. She is 7lbs 11oz, and 21in. long. What an amazing experience. I am so impressed with my soon to be wife, she was amazing and I love her dearly. Once we get settled in SMJ online studios will be continue to grow and contribute to the online community. Thanks for reading.

I love you, Elizabeth.

A little about me

I, Scott Michael Johnson, am a 30 year old professional server/bartender, working in the hospitality business the majority of my working career. My fiancé, Anna Davies, and I are currently expecting our first child. The two of us just left the lights and glamour of Las Vegas to begin our family in northern California.

With the little one on the way(sex unknown), I decided that I would like to try working from home and supplementing our current income. But never really working outside the restaurant business where do I start. Maybe I can finally use my bachelors degree in Mathematics. Well, sort of, while studying(*cough* or not studying *cough*) at SUNY Albany, I also got a minor in computer science. Since graduating I have always done small projects for people such as logo design, website creating, graphic design, and other small computer related projects, why not do it for fun and get paid for it. Bang!! Pop!! Pow!! SMJ Online Studios is created. The idea being to freelance as a web designer while I learn the tricks of the trade and eventually be able to stay at home and work nearby the baby.