Lately I have been spending a lot more time just thinking about SMJ Online Studios, due to holding and spending time with Elizabeth, and not reading or researching online. The first few days when i would come up with an idea, I caught myself stuck in my recliner without a pen or I would have a pen but i was without my notebook. My iPad always seems to be within an arms reach,so I thought why note just take note on it. But flipping through my note pad seemed a little time consuming, and usually my notes are organized into a mind map. Why not find a mind mapping app, SimpleMind+ fit that bill and is free.

Here is a screenshot of a simple example mind map. As you can see starting in the middle with the name of your project, you can then tap this item to add a branch or idea to the map. There are many different color options for your maps, the one above is the default, below the colors are changed to Pastels and the black & white. The third, and my favorite, changes the background color from white to black.




Each mapping can use up to 6 colors for each branch of your map. Once you add a seventh branch from the center of your map the first color(usually red) will be used a second time. You might think that Lu colors after this point would rotate through a second time, but actually every branch after the sixth will stay this same color. This would be the only negative thing hat I have to say about this app. It is very simple yet effective and has made my brainstorming much easier and nicer to look at. I would recommend this app to anyone using the iPad, i have yet to use it on any other device.

Thanks or reading.


Back to reality

Elizabeth has been home for a week now and it is time for me to get back to reality. This business is not just going tour and start itself. Today, to get the ideas flowing and my brain back on what needs to be done, I plan on playing with my logo design a little bit. Hopefully we will end up with something with a little more “pop”. I also plan to start looking for something that I enjoy the look and functionally of. I would like to design my own theme but for now I will probably find one closest to my likes and then begin coding my own.

Goals for week 1 back at work:

Redesign logo
Find WordPress theme
Find hosting site and check URL availability
Make 4-5 posts
Gain 2 blog followers
Gain 5 Facebook likes/follows

Feels good to be back. Thanks for reading.

Elizabeth Jirou Jonson

Sorry, for the dissapearing act I have made recently, but I do have an excuse. My amazing fiancé gave birth to our first child, Elizabeth Jirou Johnson. She is 7lbs 11oz, and 21in. long. What an amazing experience. I am so impressed with my soon to be wife, she was amazing and I love her dearly. Once we get settled in SMJ online studios will be continue to grow and contribute to the online community. Thanks for reading.

I love you, Elizabeth.